Killers, Bikers & Freaks

What if professional executioners were hunting you?

Walt Asher has it made as a reclusive infomercial writer. That is, until he stumbles upon an ugly conspiracy. And, it’s a big one - power, politics, corruption...murder. No one must know of it. And, a team of axe-wielding executioners has orders to kill Walt before he talks about it.

There’s only one way to survive - Walt must go from writer to fighter as he crisscrosses Florida...connects damning clues...and barrels between a wild biker underworld and a sleazy secret society that indulges the rich, powerful, and ruthless. Yet, just as he’s about to tear the whole rotten mess down, his infomercial words come back to haunt him: But wait, there’s more...

Filled with conspiratorial menace...gritty action...sunburnt Florida mayhem...and against-all-odds heroics...KILLER, BIKERS & FREAKS is Florida crime fiction at its rampaging, page-turning best. Treat yourself to this blistering first novel in the exciting Walt Asher Thriller series now.

Sell Shock

You Can’t Sell That On Television...

Just when infomercial writer, Walt Asher, has a perfect Sunday afternoon with his luscious lady lined up, his plans get blown to hell. That’s when hell-raiser extraordinaire DG calls to cash in an outstanding favor. No questions. No answers. It’s not a request. Walt’s ride has arrived...

Whisked away to the woods along Florida’s Gulf coast, Walt finds himself in a secret smuggler’s warehouse, surrounded by bikers with big guns, and facing the strangest assignment of his life: Write an infomercial selling DG’s eleven ton mountain of marijuana.

Illegal? Yep. Insane? Yep. Impossible? Not for Walt. He always finds the right words to sell. But, when bullets start to blast the “studio” apart, will Walt find the right words – and weapons – to make it out alive?