New Book: Walt Asher Returns!

Get ready for the new book!

Infomercial writer/reluctant crime solver Walt Asher is set to return. BODIES, BLADES & RITUALS, the new book in the Walt Asher Florida Thriller series is written and in the final stages of editing.

In this riveting story, Walt once again finds himself simultaneously on the run from and in pursuit of the secret society that wants him dead. This story starts with a truck full of dead bodies and explodes from there.

Here’s the synopsis:

Damned if you do. Dead if you don’t…

When infomercial writer Walt Asher heard the news about a truck full of dead bodies found abandoned on the interstate, he knew The Kith had returned. When he finds the corpse on his couch with a note pinned to its lips, it’s clear they’re coming for him.

Walt’s in the cross hairs – hunted by elusive killers…battling brutal human traffickers…and desperate to destroy the sleazy secret cabal that’s spreading its cancerous influence into the highest reaches of power. Are Walt’s wits, fists, and powers of persuasion enough to smash it all before more innocent people die? Or, will he be the next sacrifice for a gruesome conspiracy that relishes the darkest rituals of the past? 

Simmering with tension, bubbling with menace…experience the explosive new thriller that blisters on the edge of excitement. BODIES, BLADES & RITUALS is the long-awaited second book in the exciting Walt Asher Florida Thriller series.

The story takes Walt all over Florida. From sleazy Tampa massage parlors…

Andrew Allan books

To the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.

andrew allan books


I can’t wait for your to read this book. It picks up where the first Walt Asher book, KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS left off and amplifies the intensity. The cover for the new book will be revealed very soon.

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Next Book…

Walt Asher Book 2 – The Florida Crime Thriller Series Continues

Amazingly, it has been almost a year since my debut Florida crime thriller KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS was published. In that time, Walt Asher has gained a legion of fans. And, I’ve come to enjoy his exploits quite a bit myself. So naturally, Book #2 is on the way. And, it’s coming soon.

This yet-to-be titled Florida crime thriller picks up a few months after KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS ended. Walt is recuperating from the physical and psychic trauma brought on by his encounter with the executioners and their heavyweight colleagues in the first book. Yet, the nightmare may not be over.

In fact, Walt gets the shock of his life one night. Soon, he’s much deeper in the dark, depraved world of the mysterious secret society that is infecting Florida and savaging people’s lives. It all starts with the discovery of an abandoned tractor trailer and the dozens of dead bodies inside it.

Sound vague? Well, you’ll have to read the book. It starts with a bang and soon things are spiraling out of control faster than Walt can keep up. Death, destruction, suspense, and slavery lash out to bring Walt down.

KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS was my first novel and I didn’t really know what to expect as I wrote it. With this second book, I know where it’s going for Walt. And, it’s not pretty. But, the bigger the challenge the bigger the hero, right? Walt certainly has plenty of chances to test his mettle in this new story.

Florida crime thriller

He won’t be alone. He’ll have DG along for part of the ride. And, that’s another one of his problems. Because in KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS, Walt’s actions got people killed. He doesn’t want that happening again. Especially his friends.

That’s all I will say about it for now. But, get excited. Walt Asher’s world is about to explode (again, but bigger) and you don’t want to miss it.

If you haven’t read KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS, it would help before reading this book. But, it’s not 100% vital. Same with SELL SHOCK, the Walt Asher novella which takes place between the two larger stories. You can get that for free here.


Top 100 Kindle Thrillers

Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) 2016 was a big year for me. In particular, due to the launch of my first two books, KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS and SELL SHOCK. My year was a success simply because they were both published. Even better, they’ve been getting a great response. In fact, just recently KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS, I’m happy to say, cracked the Top 100 on Amazon for ebook Thrillers. I even have the screen shot to prove it…

Killers, Bikers & Freaks cracks the Kindle ebook Thrillers Top 100.

Killers, Bikers & Freaks, the gripping suspense thriller from author Andrew Allan cracks the Top 100 for the first time just before the end of 2016.

Not bragging. Just proud. And, humbled. Getting in the Top 100 pretty much blows my mind. That said…Watch your ass, Brad Thor! Walt Asher is coming for you!

I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy the book. If you haven’t, please be sure to download your free copy of SELL SHOCK from this site.

Rankings aside, and despite a very busy infomercial schedule, I have been making progress on the next Walt Asher book. No title yet. (I’ll be seeking your input on that when the time is right.) But, I currently have 56,000 words written.

And, that’s not the only book!

I have a second book in progress. Not Walt Asher. This one is more of a supernatural/horror novel. First in what I am calling my Florida Voodoo series. I’m not ready to spill the details on that. But, I am nearly 39,000 words into that one. If you dig what I write, there is plenty to look forward to.

In the meantime, I hope your new year gets off to a great start.


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Interview with the Author

This interview took place on a stormy Florida afternoon in August 2016.

Who the hell are you?

One of Florida’s finest. Humbly speaking, of course. Finest what remains to be determined.

Why did you start writing novels?

I’d had the notion in mind for probably twenty years, but nothing compelled me to sit down and do it. In that time I’d done plenty of writing, for commercials and movie scripts. Just never a novel. It seemed daunting.

But, about a year ago, a number of things fell into place and inspired me to write KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS. First, I was reading a book by an internationally published and acclaimed author. I couldn’t get into it and, frankly, couldn’t believe someone had actually published the book. I felt like the author just mailed it in. I said to myself ‘I can do better’. Pretty arrogant of me. But, the seed was planted. And, I felt I had to at least attempt to back up my claim.

Second, I was getting frustrated making movies. I still love to make them, but they can be too collaborative. The idea of creating and releasing a story without having to deal with so many other people and opinions seemed so refreshing.

Third, I learned about the thriving e-book scene. It became obvious that authors were reaching large audiences without relying on publishing houses. Another enticement.

With all that in mind, I started plotting KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS. I thought the idea of evil men roaming around in black executioner hoods and axes terrorizing a town would make a good story. So, it grew from there.

Who is Walt Asher?

Walt Asher is the hero of KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS. They say write what you know, so I did. I made Walt and infomercial writer living in Florida. That’s what I am. Only I don’t have executioners trying to kill me...yet.

Unlike many crime fiction and Florida fiction protagonists, Walt has no background in law enforcement, military, investigative services, or journalism. So, when he gets in lethal trouble in KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS, it’s a bigger challenge for him to get out of it. But, he’s smart, noble, resourceful, and he has the weapon of words. Simply put, he takes his talents for selling on television and applies them to saving his own ass.

What can readers expect from your books?

A fast, entertaining read. An engrossing plot. Breathtaking action sequences. Corruption and conspiratorial intrigue. And given my love for cult movies, there will always be dangerous and insane elements. I like to push things just over the edge. An example from KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS would be Artimus, the Napoleonic leader of the Panhandle Rippers bike gang. I also try to make the characters different and interesting, but still relatable. For instance, DG, Walt’s friend on the river, is a biker and illicit businessman. But, he’s also a good friend and in many ways a good man. And, despite his redneck-ish biker existence he actually descends form the Florida Good Ole Boy network. So, he’s kind of like Florida royalty.

Who are your writing influences?

It’s a wide range. I certainly kneel at the altar of John D. MacDonald and his Travis McGee series. You almost have to if you’re going to write Florida crime fiction. He set the bar high. In that vein, I also devoured Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen books. James Ellroy is the best writer alive. Harry Crews is the best dead writer in my opinion. Not crime, but very Florida and Southern. Flannery O’Connor as well, while we’re on the topic. I also got hooked on Adam Hall’s Quiller books. Those are amazing.

Is Walt Asher a one-off character or will we see him again?

You’ll see him again. KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS is the first novel in a planned Walt Asher trilogy. Will he exist beyond that? Probably. The second Walt Asher novel is already in progress. And, you can get the first Walt Asher Novella for free on my website, The novella takes place a few months after KILLERS, BIKERS & FREAKS, but it can be read first if preferred.

Are you really an infomercial writer? Is that really a thing?

I am and it is. Those things don’t write themselves. Infomercial marketing and production companies hire me to write their spots and shows to sell their product.

What infomercial would I know that you wrote?

Forever Comfy. NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop. I’ve even worked on a few of the Snuggie ads. I’m sure you’ve seen some of my products on the shelf at your local Walgreens.

What’s the craziest product you’ve written about?

I’ve written a bunch of bra shows. It’s now an area of writing expertise.

Your Author’s Bio says you make wild cult movies. What’s that all about?

I’ve directed a horror feature film called BRAINJACKED, produced Herschell Gordon Lewis’s latest feature film, THE UH-OH! SHOW, and am currently co-directing an insane feature film called BIGFOOT MOB BOSS. And, it’s as ridiculous as the title sounds.

I also run Cult Movie Mania, a cult movie DVD label and the website

Are you writing anything else?

Yes. Besides the Walt Asher books, I’m also writing my Florida Voodoo series. It’s more horror/supernatural/fantastic and heavily influenced by my love of cult and exploitation movies. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Last question. What are your favorite Florida haunts?

I split my time between Clearwater and Gainesville. And like Walt Asher, I love the Rainbow River up in Dunnellon. I do getaways to Melbourne, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and Fernandina Beach on the east coast. Usually I’m hunting for records and books.